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Vault Best Practices and Other Info

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    I’ve got a few questions regarding vault implementation.

    1) Where are the best practices for vault located and how can I acquire a copy?
    2) Additionally, are there any pros/cons for setting up users over groups or vice versa?
    3) Has anyone worked with the vault job processor in 2018?


    Vault is a big beast, and is a topic in and of itself. I can’t remember if we have some of the best practices documents stored here or not, you can reach out to Mark Nelson from Idaho Power (current chair of the technology committee) and he might be able to point you at some docs.

    As to getting a copy, you can get the workgroup version for free or a very modest price I think, the Autodesk site aught to help you there. However, depending on what you intent for Vault is, it may not help you. I’m not even sure the workgroup version will consume Active Directory groups. There are very big ramifications regarding your choice of security model, so you should weigh this in your decision.

    We haven’t worked with the Job Processor in 2018, we have used the 2016 version of it. There are some issues with it, so once again it depends on what your intent for use there is.

    If you have some specific stuff that I can possibly help with, maybe we can contact each other via email. Please respond here and we can figure out a way to chat to maybe help answer your questions more specifically.


    We are currently using vault. Since the post I’ve gotten Vault pro 2018 installed, setup the job processor and can now create pdf and dwfs with a state change. This is very beneficial. I’ve researched best practices online for roles, groups, and users. I just thought that the point of SDS was to create utility specific best practices around the roles, groups and users so was hoping to get some input from this committee. It would be nice to have the best practices available on the forums so access is easy for committee members.


    There is probably some common ground between utilities here, but there is enough difference in regards to design group setup, user roles, and permissions that it would be difficult to isolate where we are the same. However, I think there is a good bit of value in pursuing the topic, I will get with the Technology group and see if we can get an agenda item on the consortium working group list for October 2018. I will post back here with results of that discussion.

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