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Substation Design Solution (SDS) Industry Consortium is made up of member utilities whom which have adopted or are investigating for adoption the Autodesk and SBS suite of software products (Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, SDS toolkits) with Autodesk and SBS, the software developers. The Consortium will meet, as needed, to establish common workflows, common toolkit functionality, shared libraries, common standards, technology needs and any other topics that help drive vendors to software development according to an industry standard. The SDS Industry Consortium will drive standards to promote common library development from internal resources, external partners, and/or equipment manufacturers.

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Consortium Chair – Audrey Marich – PPL Electric Utilities
Consortium Vice Chair – Mark Nelson – Idaho Power

ACADE Chair – Pravin Patel – Southern Company
ACADE Co-Chair – Terry Shave – BC Hydro
ACADE Technical Advisor (non-voting) – Randy Brunette – SBS

Inventor Chair – Josh Clark – PPL Electric Utilities
Inventor Co-Chair – Mark Thomas – Duke Energy
Inventor Technical Advisor (non-voting) – Steve Kaufman –
Civil 3D/Infraworks Chair – Holly Reilly – Con Edison
Civil 3D/Infraworks Co-Chair – Justin Eyre – Duke Energy
Civil 3D/Infraworks Technical Advisor (non-voting) – John Rodriguez – Autodesk
Technology Chair – Crystal Tian – BC Hydro
Technology Co-Chair – Open
Vault Technical Advisor – Allen Gager – Autodesk

Business Strategy Chair – Mike Grabowski – PPL Electric Utilities
Business Strategy Co-Chair – Jim Szabo – Con Edison
Technical Advisor (non-voting) – Trevor Scullion – Spatial Business Systems

Autodesk Representative – Lisa Stine / Derek Visocky
Spatial Business Systems Representative – Trevor Scullion

Contractor Advisor (non-voting) – Arnold Fry – Power Engineers, Inc.
Contractor Advisor (non-voting) – Jeff Spence – Ampirical
Manufacturing Advisor (non-voting) – Elizabeth Stacy – SEFCOR

Manufacturing Advisor (non-voting) – Elizabeth Stacy – SEFCOR  

Documentation Specialist (non-voting) – Valerie Desmornes – Duke Energy
Facilities Coordinator (non-voting) –Sara McClarin – POWER Engineers, Inc. Newsletter Writer (non-voting) – Valerie Desmornes – Duke Energy


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